Monday, December 15, 2008

Evil Pinky & Some Golden Treasure

Here's what I got up to on the weekend. Recovering / restoring a battered old Rolls with a little of the busyman signature stitch. I estimated a week for this job but once I get started I can't stop til it's complete. I even had to wait for a break in the relentless rain to ride over to the Maiike Studio for some extra long rivet shanks to re-attach the golden trim. As usual an exciting job that caused anxiety at every stage. I'm happy with the end result, even though the gold wasn't real and pretty much polished off when I cleaned it.

The Evil Pinky: What can I say, this was an exciting job because of the different and dramatic application of this embossing technique. I'm really happy with the outcome. The Evil Pinky and the Red Flame are for Mr and Mrs Shifter respectively.

Next post hopefully there's an update on the Mixte, currently it's at the powder coater and electro-plater. The rims have just been polished, the coaster hub is waiting at Shifter Bikes, the red tires are still in Japan and I think I might have to make a special saddle.


  1. Oh my goodness, oh my goodness! How how is that rolls?

    What a delicious present to unwrap on Christmas morning, and a beautiful blue morning too to go for a ride! Pity we couldn't make it a longer one, but family obligations were calling.

    Thank you for the lovely work, I had guessed a little when we ran into you at Shifters, and wondered why Aron was riding my horrible old seat!

    That said, it was still a great delight and surprise to open it up. Just a great colour with the cream. I'd even checked it out on fyxomatosis unbeknownst to me!

    Now, of course, I want grips!

    I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, thanks for making ours lovely...


  2. This site is awesome--I will visit often!
    Cheers! Bruce! Tucson, Arizona