Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tri's Katsura

A testimonial from a satisfied customer, he is a good friend so he may be biased, but the bike looks pretty nice regardless. Also thanks to Feride for her expertise in devising colourways. Tri managed the project and built the bike, I did the saddle, you may recognise it from "The Art of The Bicycle".

Tri says:

"Been working on my second bike, it's nearly there only missing a head badge
and a "Katsura" scripted on the top tube. It's named after prince Katsura
from the Japanese royal family.
The Frame is a Royal Harbour?????? (tried to look this up but no luck) from
Japan made from tange 2 tubing. The seat is a one off custom from Mick Peel
and to me is the real highlight. It makes a totally unique bike that has
it's own personality that I love cruising around on."

Looks nice Tri!


  1. Hi there!! Just wanted to say that I love your blog...You truly have a great talent when it comes to revamping old bikes...I have scored a couple of oldies that I will be slowly doing up.....anyway thanks for your blog...enjoy the ride...Sylvia

  2. I love this bike, the subtle colors in combination with the color of the leather. I really stands out! TOP!