Sunday, August 2, 2009

RIH - Riding with Sparklers

Here are some more pictures of the RIH itself, not so much the activity of finishing off the assembly on Wednesday night. This time we have the detail of the Rolls Due and you might vaguely be able to see the busyman toe straps.

In the last post I neglected to mention that Shifter Bikes assisted with the final assembly (moving bits, bearings etc...). We polished the Nitto stem and Ged polished up the cages of the MKS pedals. It's so shiney that when you ride in the sun it looks like you're carrying a bunch of sparklers.


  1. Very nice.
    Every time I try and get a Rolls Due from eBay I get outbidded!
    Had to settle for a ordinary Rolls.
    Can't believe a $10 box contained a c-record seatpost!

  2. The Due is really nice to work with but honestly I find the Rolls normal much more comfortable.