Sunday, February 7, 2010

Resurected from Beneath a Car

Alison's Road Master, found in a ditch by the side of a country lane. Her dad made it rideable until one of the pedals fell apart, I found a suitable set to replace them in one of my yoghurt containers. Then, while riding through piles if leaves on an autumn day, a tree branch found its way between the front spokes. The wheel was wrecked and Alison found herself and the Road Master underneath a car, thank goodness it was stationary.

Before leaving for a year long tour of the globe Alison asked me to fix it up and left it chained to my front fence with instructions to cut the chain when I was ready to work on it and she would collect in a years time.

Oringinal Parts: Frame, fork, bars, head set, bottom bracket, mud guards, seat post and bolt, saddle
Reclaimed Parts: Pedals, cranks, rims, stem
New: Brakes, hubs, spokes, chain, chain ring, cog and lockring.

It's fixed, I hope Alison likes riding it, should be a breeze since she's experienced on a unicycle.

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  1. hi~ busyman!!
    May I ask you something??
    I wonder about your brake lever.
    you are doing it up and use.
    Can you tell me,do you know what brand?
    I have always admired your work.
    Thank you!!!

  2. The lever is from a generic brand called Bikelane. They come as a pair in each pack, black only. I just strip the anodising if I want them silver instead.

  3. Thankyou Somuch!! it looks beautiful!!

  4. mick, you need to take an updated photo of it! maybe bring your camera to uni someday (mine is not so flash). the bike will be there monday to thursday, looking gloriously tied up.