Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Dave's Specialized Toupe recover in silver grey calf skin. Conditioned and waxed for a smoother finish.
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  1. Great blog site and superb laetherwork! You've inspired me to try a recover myself, but I need some advice. My problem is that the sadle I'm trying to cover has a crease/depression running lengthwise. The only way I can thing to get the leather tight would be to clamp it at the front, glue the centre furrow and stretch the leather along the glue line and fasten it down at the back. If I do this will it pop up in the middle when I stretch it at the sides? Once again, lovely work!

  2. This should work, you just need to use a strong contact adhesive. Start with the centre (spine) of the saddle.

  3. This saddle looks even better in person, and better yet on the bike!! Exceptional work!! Just need to do the handlebars now to match.

  4. ...just today I was thinking how the Toupe I have just won't match the pearl white custom frame I'm building! Now, thanks to The Washingmachinepost I see this...
    Mike Owen